True change is often the result of regularly performed tiny actions that compound over time. Grandiose sweeping changes throw us off balance by taking over large amounts of our lives, and are hard to sustain after the honeymoon ends. As long as you are making a little progress every day, even minimal progress, you'll experience the results in the long run.

A good way to not only keep track of your changes, but inspire them, is to keep a journal. I suggest answering the following questions at the end of each day.

What did I do today to improve my...

  • physical health
  • mental health
  • stress
  • intellect
  • career
  • sense of fulfillment
  • creative self-expression
  • spirituality (for me, this is a combination or subset of the above categories, for you it might stand on its own)
  • chance of achieving my goals/dreams (you need to know what they really are, and if they're realistic and achievable)
  • finances
  • relationships (which relationships are important to you? which ones are you better off without?)

When you finish, consider if you fell short in improving any of those categories, and write about that, too.

AuthorBrennen Reece